Why HelloSign is Ideal for Enterprise

Great enterprise solutions need to be uniquely great at what they do, and yet flexible enough able to take on a variety of new use cases with ease. They have to be able to scale to support large numbers of users, processes, and transactions – often across departments and geographies. And, of course, a high-level of security, reliability, and performance are absolutely critical when there are such high stakes on the table.

But perhaps most importantly, the best enterprise solutions should fit within the growing API ecosystem –  after all, it’s within those ecosystems that enterprises truly evolve the way they operate in the modern world.

An API-centric approach is so important, in fact, that Gartner recommends APIs be at the center of every digital strategy. It’s easy to see why. APIs allow easy integration between any service and existing software in use. With APIs, enterprise companies can quite literally embed competitive advantages into their core business model, without devoting internal resources towards the upkeep or the management of the specialized service. This opens up an entirely new world for the modern enterprise – a world where large businesses can move fast, enhance their core business with innovative technology, and focus on the bigger picture.

Our teams at HelloSign take all of this to heart. Just as we invested in creating eSignature products that won us the title of #1 eSignature Solution for SMBs, we’ve also invested enormous resources into creating enterprise-ready, API-centric products that help large businesses eliminate friction associated with their high-volume document transactions.

Through our API-focused products, we help enterprises automate the processes and tracking for thousands (and even millions!) of documents at a time. Better yet, we enable large companies to embed those capabilities into their website or application using APIs. 

That's just the beginning though.

Here's exactly how HelloSign meets all your enterprise needs and then some:

A Platform for All Document Transactions

What are document transactions? They’re the business processes that have documents and forms as the key input or output. They’re likely some of the most important transactions in your business – things like sales contracts, vendor agreements, offer letters and hiring paperwork, purchase agreements, and so much more.

By offering multiple products that address all the ways document transactions are done, HelloSign is in a unique position to automate and centralize the processes that represent how you do business with your customers and partners. The more complex and high-value the process, the better we can help you automate, optimize, and speed up the desired outcome. And of course, by creating faster processes (especially those related to revenue) you’ll experience faster time to revenue.

Simply think of any high-value or high-volume transaction that currently exists within your company and there’s likely a customizable solution via HelloSign products.

Do you need to fax thousands of purchase orders to manufacturing partners across multiple states? We have HelloFax for that, which lets you send and/or receive any number of communications and documents via electronic fax.

Are you currently having your customers print contracts that need to be printed, signed by hand, and then scanned back? You can embed the HelloSign API into your website or application and have them complete everything without ever leaving your website, dramatically increasing the completion rate of those contracts. For high value transactions, this can have a direct impact on your revenue.

Do you need to disperse hundreds of thousands of stock option agreements to your global employees and have them sign-off on the changes for legal reasons? You can solve for that using HelloSign, too.

And for form- or document-heavy transactions that are just plain tough for users to understand (and therefore many don’t even complete), we have HelloWorks. HelloWorks makes beautifully simple, mobile-friendly forms for the user – no complexity, no filling out the same fields twice, no inaccuracies (everything is checked) and no legalese (everything is in easy-to-understand language). It puts the complex logic, the calculations, the data capture and the filling out of forms all on the back end, preserving what your business needs on the other side of a transaction. This is a whole new way of doing automation...and is unique to HelloWorks. Watch the demo video to get a feel for what this looks like for you and your customers.

Explore all the products in our platform here.

Quick-to-Integrate APIs That Get You Operating With Minimal Developer Resources

When you’re up and running faster with a service, you’re solving your business challenges faster. You don’t have to worry about losing momentum and you can achieve your business goals in less time.

We’ve invested in great, Enterprise-ready APIs that remove the friction from your high-volume, high-value business processes. And we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to get started with HelloSign’s APIs. In fact, HelloSign was voted #1 for ease of implementation by G2 Crowd two years in a row.

Each of our APIs is easy to begin testing (start right now) and developers can access clean documentation that’s available in multiple wrappers. Developers love the HelloSign APIs for the ease of integration they provide.

The average integration time for the HelloSign API is less than one week – among the fastest in the industry.

And our API customers enjoy pre-, mid-, and post-integration technical API support to ensure that you’re supported every step of the way.

See our eSignature API resources here.

Integrates Seamlessly Into Enterprise Services You Already Use

You should get to choose how your workflows are structured, not be forced to navigate to a dozen different product portals just to get work done. All our products come with a high level of configurability and extensibility so HelloSign fits into your environment easily.

HelloSign integrates with many of your standard Enterprise systems – Okta, Salesforce, Oracle Content & Experience Cloud, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google providing smoother workflows for all. Your teams can access and initiate user-friendly, reliable, and secure electronic signing from within these Enterprise platforms.

See all our integrations here.

Enterprise-Level Results That Actually Move the Needle

All our work at HelloSign is for nothing if our customers don’t experience incredible results.

See all customer stories here.

World-Class Security & Compliance

Security & compliance are always top-of-mind for the HelloSign team. Each of your documents is stored behind a firewall and authenticated against the sender’s session every time a request for that document is made.

All communications use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and all data is stored in Amazon’s SOC 1 Type II, and ISO 27001 certified data centers. And your documents are stored and encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.

We ourselves have attained SOC 2 Type I certification against the Security, Confidentiality and Availability Trust Principles and Criterion. Additionally, HelloSign supports compliance with:

  • กรอบข้อตกลงการโอนข้อมูล
  • รัฐบัญญัติ ESIGN ของสหรัฐอเมริกาปี 2000
  • รัฐบัญญัติธุรกรรมทางอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ที่เหมือนกัน (EUTA) ปี 1999
  • The new eIDAS regulation for the EU of 2016 (EU Regulation 910/2014)
  • GDPR (กฎระเบียบว่าด้วยการคุ้มครองข้อมูลทั่วไป)

Advanced Feature Sets Designed to Support Complexity Without Complicating Things

We know that not every document flow looks the same. Our products are designed to give our customers flexibility in choosing signing options and signing flows.

This includes access to advanced features like signer reassignment, variable signers for your templates, and the option to decline to sign when a workflow needs to be paused. We enable data from external systems to easily pre-populate fields to make it easier on your end users. And we plug into other systems to lookup and/or validate information to reduce errors and frustration.

We also know your volumes will vary from process to process, and department to department. We easily let you start small and grow your volumes of seats or transactions over time as your business use increases.

So How Can We Help You?

Let’s figure out how we can help you increase your document completion rate, paperwork conversion rate, and business goals. Explore our products, or ask us about testing an Enterprise plan today.

HelloSign for Enterprise The modern eSignature platform trusted by over 50,000 businesses.

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