What Makes HelloSign the Best eSignature Integration for Salesforce?

What Makes HelloSign the Best eSignature for Salesforce Integration?
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Here at HelloSign we create products that help our customers automate critical business transactions, most notably those that center around documents and forms. When we integrated with Salesforce, we opened the door for our mutual customers to get contracts signed quickly within the Salesforce ecosystem. And when contracts are signed quickly that means companies get to revenue faster – a huge advantage!

Recently we teamed up with Salesforce for their Maverick’s program to highlight our integration. As part of the collaboration, we dug into what makes the HelloSign for Salesforce integration so valuable. You can watch the full video interview and demo below or read keep on reading for the highlights.

What Differentiates the HelloSign for Salesforce Integration from Other Integrations

Lots of document-centric transactions entail things like customer sales contracts, quotes, proposals, etc. Naturally, that makes it incredibly important to our customers that we make the process for handling those documents as seamless and fast as possible – both within our app and within sales management systems like Salesforce.

We’ve seen how other eSignature providers integrate with Salesforce and historically, those integrations have been pretty clunky. For example, some integrations might direct sellers away from the Salesforce ecosystem to complete their document signing requests to a separate browser window.

Definitely not ideal for a Sales workflow.

After taking time to really think about how we could help seller’s solve their signing issues within Salesforce, we saw the opportunity to improve three key areas to make online signing as easy as possible.

The first had to do with keeping the flow of a salesperson’s work as seamless as possible. A big goal of HelloSign’s always been to make products that are both easy to use and well-integrated into other systems that people use. We want to make it really intuitive for sales people using Salesforce to take advantage of HelloSign’s service. Based on this focus, our HelloSign for Salesforce product is incredibly easy to use and enables a seller to initiate signing requests for a proposal, quote or contract directly in Salesforce, without breaking their flow of work. Watch a video demo of the flow here.

The second thing we did was make sure that we allow for end-to-end automation of the sales contract process. So we’ve integrated not just with Sales Cloud but also with Salesforce CPQ as well. Documents can be pre-filled with Salesforce data using templates and merge fields, eliminating the signer(s) from having to manually enter information and also reducing errors. You can also create documents just once and then reuse them without ever leaving Salesforce. And of course, anything signed using HelloSign for Salesforce is synced back to the exact Salesforce record from which is was sent, keeping everything in sync automatically.

And the last thing is that we’ve made it super easy to deploy and configure. Set-up is completed in just a few minutes (seriously!) and is incredibly easy to manage after installation. We want to empower the admin to do a lot with our product without a lot of work.

All of these three things combined have resulted in the creation of a usable, effective, and simple-to-manage eSignature solution within Salesforce. If that sounds great to you then you can give HelloSign for Salesforce a spin here.

Interesting Ways to Use the HelloSign for Salesforce Integration

The obvious way to use the HelloSign for Salesforce integration is for sales contracts and proposals. But there are many other examples that might be a little less obvious.

One example is an on-demand delivery service that brings food from restaurants to your door. They use the integration to specifically sign on new restaurants before they begin delivery.

Another example is a non-profit Healthcare company that uses the integration to onboard patients and fill out patient information, intake forms, and privacy forms.

A third example is a financial services company that uses HelloSign for Salesforce to sign non-disclosure agreements before they execute business transactions. Though specific use cases, these examples are far from rare.

As we welcome more users of the HelloSign for Salesforce integration, we’ve witnessed the versatility of how people leverage HelloSign and Salesforce together. It’s exciting to see and we’re happy to be a part of making work all that much simpler.

Getting Started with HelloSign for Salesforce

This integration was made for you and we’re excited to simplify selling for businesses. With HelloSign for Salesforce, you can quickly prepare documents for eSignature, minimize the back-and-forth follow-up, and simplify the signing process for your clients. 

Of course, that’s just beginning. We’d love to show you the possibilities. Learn more here!

Learn More About HelloSign for Salesforce

Our integration is simple-to-use & easy-to-implement. Waste no time. Get up and running in an afternoon.

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