What is HelloWorks

Meet HelloWorks!

HelloWorks joins our platform as the third product in the HelloSign family. HelloFax eliminated the need for fax machines. HelloSign empowered companies to do paperless business using our web app and API. And now HelloWorks gives companies the power to radically simplify complex document workflows. It also happens to be free to use for up to 100 production transactions a month. (Try HelloWorks for free here!)

To help you visualize how HelloWorks works, just take look at the image of the W-9 below. 

Notice anything missing? That’s right, the ugly, confusing, complex PDF isn't there. And therein lies the power of HelloWorks. HelloWorks lets end users get through complicated document workflows by answering a few simple questions on a mobile phone, without having to ever interact with the underlying PDF.

Now that we have your attention read on to learn how HelloWorks can get your document processes completed up to 3x faster!

Why HelloWorks?

Imagine you’re sitting in a doctor’s office filling out a standard packet of patient intake documents: a “New Patient” form, an “Insurance” form, and a “Medical History” form.

Each form requires you to fill out your name, your address, and your telephone number. You’re also asked to read through every text field, even though many don’t relate to your specific health conditions.

Once finished, you bring your packet to the front desk. The receptionist takes your forms and reviews all of the information you just filled to make sure you did not miss anything. Then she manually types all of the information you just completed into the office’s database. Finally, she makes copies of the forms so that the office has multiple PDF hard copies on file.

The entire process takes upwards of twenty minutes.

Not only are you required to complete tons of paperwork (much of it repetitive), the doctor’s office staff is required to handle tons of paperwork (much of it repetitive). The result is a poor experience for the patient, for the medical office, and an ineffective way to collect and store data.

It's document-centric workflows like this that showcase why we built HelloWorks. (Read more common use cases for HelloWorks here.)

HelloWorks in Action

Let’s rethink the scene above to see what it would look like if HelloWorks were in the picture.


Imagine now that you’re on your way to your doctor's office visit and you receive an email with a link to access the patient intake forms (mentioned above). You open the email on your phone, click the link, and are taken to a screen outlining the three forms you need to complete prior to your visit. 

You click “Get Started” and instead of seeing a PDF on your phone, you’re presented with a few simple questions like what’s your name, your address, and your telephone number. Once entered, you aren’t asked for this information again for the remainder of the experience.

After answering, “No” to the question of whether or not you smoke you see that all fields related to smoking issues are automatically removed from the flow.

It becomes increasingly obvious that this workflow was built to adapt to your answers. In fact, this workflow wants you to succeed (and move you through the flow quickly, at that).


You complete all required fields in a matter of a few clicks. After you hit “complete,” the real magic happens. 

Behind the scenes, each bit of information you entered automatically flows into the medical office’s database without the receptionist needing to rekey anything. Finally, all the information you entered is also mapped to the associated medical documents. The three newly completed documents are stored as PDFs for the medical office’s record keeping.

It’s quite a different experience for both sides, isn’t it? This is what HelloWorks can do for companies and their customers.

Building Workflows with HelloWorks

So far we’ve talked a lot about the value HelloWorks provides to end users filling out the workflows but what about the company creating them? 

A key benefit to HelloWorks customers is how easy it is to build new document workflows. HelloWorks customers have access to the HelloWorks Portal where they can build multi-step, multi-form workflows with simple drag-and-drop functionality. 

To learn how easy it really is to build a document workflow with HelloWorks read this post.

It's easy to keep track of a workflow once it's launched. Inside the HelloWorks Portal, you can monitor the status of launched workflows and quickly download completed documents. Inside the portal, you'll also have the ability to make the workflow feel like your own with branding and white-labeling capabilities.

Lastly, HelloWorks Portal includes several advanced features for developers interested in creating a more intelligent form filling experience. If you're interested in integrating HelloWorks into your existing website that's no problem at all. All of our HelloWorks API Documentation is online to help customers get up and running fast. 

Benefits of HelloWorks

There are countless benefits to Workflow Content Automation solutions like HelloWorks, both for the company using the product and their end users on the other end completing the workflow.  

Three benefits for companies using HelloWorks:

  1. Increased document completion rates. Some documents used to be too much to handle on mobile devices. HelloWorks solves this. Without PDFs in the way, there is a dramatic increase in the speed and rate of document completion which has a massive impact on growth and revenue.
  2. Easy-to-use Form Builder. Great UI is something that’s thrown around a lot nowadays. Believe us when we say we don’t take the phrasing “Great” lightly. The HelloWorks Portal makes it extremely simple to build document workflows with drag-and-drop functionality (no learning-curve required).
  3. An unprecedented level of fluidity for data. End-user generated data is no longer locked into a PDF file, but instead automatically funneled into the company’s database for future use. This means companies no longer need to re-enter information from completed forms.

Three benefits to end users completing HelloWorks workflows:

  1. A dynamic form filling experience. End users completing a HelloWorks workflow only see fields and documents in the workflow relevant to them. Forms adjust based off previous inputs and are pre-populated with know data which cuts down on redundant data entry getting users through workflows faster.
  2. A mobile-first experience. The days of pinching and zooming on your phone are history. End users get through complex paper-based workflows by answering a series of easy to follow questions on their phones.
  3. No more errors. HelloWorks reduces the back-and-forth spent dealing with partially completed and inaccurate documents. Advanced data validation auto-detects errors in real time when end users are completing a workflow and third-party integrations like Google Maps make the form filling process go faster.

Where to Use HelloWorks

The most exciting thing about HelloWorks is that it works for any (and we mean any) combination of documents. The door is open for intelligent workflows in every industry, department, and platform.

Some prime examples include:

  • HR documents (NDA, W-9, Employee Handbook, etc)
  • Leasing documents (Rental Contract, Co-Signer Form, Verification of Rental Insurance, etc.)
  • Tax forms (W-2, W-9, 1040)
  • Medical paperwork (Proof of Insurance, Medical History, New Patient Form)
  • Legal forms and agreements

Getting Started With HelloWorks

Are you interested in creating a totally seamless and intelligent workflow? Well, you’re in luck. HelloWorks is completely free to use. Visit the HelloWorks page to sign up today and get building.

HelloWorks Gets Documents Returned at Lightning Speed

Agreements and forms are completed up to 3x Faster and with up to 10x more accuracy than traditional eSignature.

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