Three New Advanced Signing Tools: Decline to Sign, Variable Signers, and Signer Reassignment

HelloSign: Decline to Sign, Variable Signers, and Signer Reassignment
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We started 2017 with a bang with two new signing tools to support more flexible workflows: Variable Signers & Decline to Sign. A third (Signer Reassignment) is soon to be released. 

New Signing Tools for Workflow Flexibility

We know that not every document flow looks the same. Our latest batch of Enterprise level features were designed to give you more signing options, and offer greater flexibility in your signing flows. Here’s what’s new:

Variable Signers

Not all document have a static number of signers. Rental agreements, for example, often have an elastic number of signers depending on the number of tenants. 

In days past, this meant HelloSign users were forced to create a separate template for each variation (even if the bulk of the template remained exactly same). This was time-consuming and ate into a customer’s template quota.

We’re excited to officially make this frustration a thing of the past! 

Our new “Variable Signers” feature gives Enterprise users the power to easily adjust the number of signers for a template. It’s a perfect fit for documents like rental contracts, mortgage paperwork, and forms that may require co-signers. 

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Occasionally you’ll run into a document that you simply can not or will not sign. Perhaps because you don’t agree with the fine print or you find an error in the document. Whatever the reason, the dotted line can’t be flourished with your signature. 

Our new “Decline to Sign” feature adds the option to halt a signing flow, giving signers more control when things aren’t quite right. Once declined, the signer will be asked to fill in a “Reason for Decline” box to give insight to the sender. 

Users who send the document that’s declined will receive the summary of why the document wasn’t signed.

Signer Reassignment

Have you ever sent a document to someone in Accounting when it actually needed to be signed by someone in HR? Getting the document back on track requires a lot of frustrating back-and-forth. 

Signer reassignment eliminates this inefficiency by allowing document recipients to easily route documents to the right person. The original recipient simply enters the name and email of the appropriate person, and then “reassigns” the signature request.

Get Flexing!

Signer Reassignment & Variable Signers come standard with HelloSign Enterprise plans. These features are also available to API plans Gold and above. Decline to sign is available to all HelloSign users. Not an Enterprise user? Upgrade today to unlock these advanced signing tools!


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