Announcing Unlimited Templates for Testing

Unlimited Templates for Testing at HelloSign

We pride ourselves in providing an eSignature API that focuses largely on the Developer Experience (DX)

So we were concerned when we heard feedback that developers were running into challenges as they tested HelloSign templates. The number of templates available for testing was limited, but developers wanted more when test driving their implementations.  

The short-term approach was to contact our API Support team to request more templates. But for developers, this was an extra step.

We wanted to reduce that barrier and empower the developer to use templates without friction. That's why starting today, we’re excited to announce that developers can now create as many templates as they want for testing. Just as HelloSign allows developers to access all features of our API in test mode, so too do we want templates to be just as accessible. 

Here’s How It Works

Create as many templates as you want on Templates you create will continue to count against your plan quota. Any template created after your quota has been reached will be locked. Locked templates can only be used in test mode. To use a template after you’ve hit your quota, just provide the parameter test_mode=1. Locked templates cannot be used for legally binding documents.

‍^ After exceeding quota, templates will be locked and only used in test mode.

^ List view of templates in test mode.

‍^ For locked templates, make sure you include “test_mode=1”.

To send signature requests using a template, refer to the /send_with_template endpoint. 

Unlimited templates for testing works great for those who want to use our API, but aren’t yet ready to roll out their integration in production. When you're ready to use those templates for legally binding documents, the locked templates will need to be unlocked. Upgrade your account to increase your template quota

For more technical questions, check out our FAQ. Or you can head over to the documentation to start developing today!      

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