Easily Share Your HelloWorks Workflows with a Shareable Link

Easily Share Your HelloWorks Workflows with a Shareable Link
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We hope that by now you’ve had a chance to try out HelloWorks. (If not, you can sign-up here and start building your first workflow. It’s FREE!).

For current users, one thing you may have noticed as you prepared your first workflows is that you have the option to send a workflow to a participant by inputting their name and email. Once contact info is added, the workflow is sent via email and participants can launch the flow for themselves.

But what if you don’t know someone’s contact info ahead of time? For example, if you have a release waiver that needs to be signed by 400 event volunteers, but don’t have contact info for each person.

We recognized this challenge and came up with a really nice solution for our users: “Shareable Links.”

What Are “Shareable Links”?

A “Shareable Link” allows anyone with a uniquely generated URL to participate in your workflow. This avoids the issue of having to send the workflow to each participant individually. Simply put, it’s just another way to launch a HelloWorks workflow.

As a quick refresher, there are three ways to launch a HelloWorks workflow. The first and most basic way to launch a workflow is through the “Launch Screen” inside the HelloWorks portal. The second way is by using our API. And now, the third way is with a “Shareable Link.”

Enabling a “Shareable Link” for a workflow allows you to share the workflow via a unique and publicly available link. Anyone with the distinctly generated URL can then participate in the workflow. The URL can be added to your website or sent to a group of people to complete.

Let’s take a closer look.

Note: Given we can make this a publicly facing link and won’t know who will be completing the workflow, “Shareable Links” only work for single-participant workflows that do not include Merge Fields.

Tutorial: Enabling and Using a “Shareable Link” in HelloWorks

HelloWorks create a sharable link screenshot

The process for creating a “Shareable Link” is super simple. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process.

Enabling a “Shareable Link”:

  1. Navigate to “Launch Workflow” on the main menu in your HelloWorks portal.
  2. Select the workflow you’d like to create a “Shareable Link” for.
  3. Click “Enable Shareable Link” button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. A pop-up will appear. Toggle the “Shareable Link” option to the “On” position and confirm by clicking the “Update” button.
  5. Ta-da! You’ll now see a unique link appear under the “Provide access with a Shareable Link” section. Copy the link and use the URL wherever you want participants to access your workflow.

Using a “Shareable Link”:

Now that you have a “Shareable Link” you can begin using it!

There are a lot of use cases for this (see below), but let's imagine for a moment that you just added your newly generated “Shareable Link” URL to a “Fill Out NDA” button on your website.

Sam George is someone interested in filling out your NDA workflow.

Sam visits your webpage and clicks on your “Complete NDA” button. After clicking the button, he’s taken to the “Shareable Link” URL. There, he’s prompted to submit his “Name” and his “Email address.”

After submitting his info, Sam receives an email containing access to the NDA workflow. Once completed, a copy of the completed form is emailed back to him.

Easy as that!

Sam was able to quickly and securely complete the workflow using a simple link. You were able to share your workflow without having to know Sam’s information prior to the flow.

View our full tutorial video to see this use case in greater depth.

Benefits of Shareable Links

We’ve already touched on a few, but there are tons of reasons you might find “Shareable Links” especially useful:

  • Easily add HelloWorks workflows to your website without code
  • Bulk send workflows without having to manually enter email addresses
  • An easy way to make your workflows more accessible to the public
  • Plus many more!

Use Cases for Shareable Links

And just as there are a bunch of benefits to using “Shareable Links,” there are also lots of opportunities to use them.

Here are a few popular ones:

  • Client intake forms
  • NDAs
  • Event Waivers
  • Document workflows that require a single participant
  • + more!

Try Shareable Links Today!

Ready to get your hands dirty?

If you’re a current HelloWorks user, try out “Shareable Links” by logging in to your HelloWorks account. Use this blog post as a guide for "Shareable Links" or watch our full tutorial video for “Shareable Links” here.

Or if you’re a new HelloWorks user, you can sign up for a free HelloWorks account here. Start exploring HelloWorks by building your first workflow (here’s a step-by-step tutorial).

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