It's Always Been Way More Than eSignatures

Way More Than eSignatures

Let’s face it – work is about so much more than work. It’s about people. It’s about creating things that matter. It’s about forging a livelihood that’s actually worth the hours you put in at the office.

That’s why it’s excruciating whenever you’re faced with tasks at work that are inefficient and repetitive. 

You know the kind. Endless data entry, black holes of approval chains and email follow-ups, printing and scanning and repeating, etc. This type of “work” yanks you out of your groove and saps away energy that could have been used to actually solve problems, strategize, and execute on big stuff.

Work like that isn't what most people associate with a dream job; it's the type of work that wears you down until it depletes and defeats you.

But what if we didn’t have to suffer through mundane tasks? What if work was totally free of frustrating busy work? What if you could reclaim the time you spend at work doing things that don’t matter and put it into the things that do?

At HelloSign, we ask ourselves these types of questions everyday. 

In fact, those "what ifs" are what inspired us to create HelloSign to begin with. But our vision has always been way more than eSignatures. It’s been about simplifying everything about the way you work so that you can accomplish more of the good stuff.

We understand that when you lose five minutes here and there doing repetitive tasks you’re not just losing that time, you’re losing out on the potential that time offers you. We want you to be able to reinvest the time you spend working on thankless tasks and put it into things like innovation.

And to be clear, we aren’t just thinking about generic “yous” of the world as we build solutions.

We think about HR professionals who literally help make companies run by spinning a million plates that are each piled high with even more plates. What tedious tasks can be removed from their day so they can have a great - excuse our language - damn day at the office?

We think about startup founders who orchestrate change in the world and fearlessly find new ways to do it. What can we build to help them integrate smarter workflows for their company or their customers?

We think about developers who are the torchbearers of technology. They’ve created so much of the world we know today. How can we help them build better and faster?

And that's just the start.

At the end of the day, we want to improve work for everyone, regardless of industry or title. Modern work needs some upgrades and we're prepared to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to make it happen.

So yes, we do eSignatures here at HelloSign. But here’s the thing about eSignatures, it’s not about eSignatures. It’s about simplifying work. Less paperwork and more of doing what you love with HelloSign.

For us, that means going beyond eSignatures and building solutions for inefficient workflows that still put the brakes on our workdays and our businesses. It means working hard to maintain great documentation for developers so that they can integrate our API fast and easily and develop great stuff. It means creating things that make you fall in love with work – the work you want to do, not the busy work – again.

We're ready for a better work day.

Are you?

Simplify the way you work

Do less busy work and more of what you love with HelloSign.

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