HelloSign Now Integrates Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

HelloSign Now Integrates Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

Walking to work this morning, I couldn't help but reflect on how amazing it's been to witness the digital transformation in just about every aspect of my life. So much clutter in my life has become obsolete. 

Things like rotary phones, stamped letters, file cabinets, stacks and stacks of books, and VHS / DVD music have now, thankfully, been replaced by elegant, efficient, and easy to use digital replacements. 

People simply desire and request tools that make their life simpler and better. We want tasks done now, we want them done fast, and we want them done right all with the minimal of work and time invested in getting them done.

A Paperless Future with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

One area of the digital transformation that’s taken strong hold in recent years has been paper. Paper! People have been dreaming of the paperless future for years now. 

That horizon is getting closer and closer every day in a big way with the invention and adoption of digital paper workflow solutions like HelloSign’s eSignatures paired with widely-used systems like Oracle. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce HelloSign's latest integration with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud. The mission of this partnership is to couple the best of breed cloud document management systems with a top-notch eSignature solution. 

By embedding HelloSign’s functionality into Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, people can now access important documents and agreements from the Documents Cloud interface and send them out for signature with a few clicks. 

Every step of the path is tracked and emails are automatically triggered notifying requesters and signers of the status of those agreements throughout the process. 

Once those documents are signed, they are then automatically synced back into Oracle Content and Experience Cloud taking advantage of enterprise level security and management of your most important agreements.

Digital Changes for a More Productive Future

Business costs associated with administrative errors, lost documents, and wasted employee time are immeasurable. This seamless, integrated agreement signing process not only makes life easier and more productive for employees, but the increased speed to get critical documents signed reduces cycle times as much as 50-75%. 

I’ve spent my whole career working in transaction-heavy organizations where getting agreements signed quickly has often equaled success. It’s tools like HelloSign for Oracle that help me achieve my goals while also reducing the pain of tedious admin tasks. 

Being a part of pushing these digital changes forward – while also experiencing the benefits first-hand – is why I appreciate being a part of this digital revolution so much.

Get Started with HelloSign for Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

If you’re a current Oracle Content and Experience Cloud user and you want to integrate HelloSign, contact your Oracle Account Rep or email oracle-sales@hellosign.com to get started. 

If you're interested in learning more about the integration, visit our Hellosign for Oracle Content and Experience Cloud page.  

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