HelloSign Launches Integration with Salesforce Essentials

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HelloSign is proud to be partnering with Salesforce this week for the launch of Salesforce Essentials. This adds to HelloSign’s availability in Salesforce Professional Edition and Salesforce Enterprise plans. Now sales teams of all sizes can use HelloSign across the entirety of the Salesforce ecosystem!

About Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials is designed specifically for small businesses to start instantly, work smarter, sell faster and scale as they grow on the world’s #1 CRM platform. For more information about Salesforce Essentials, see here.

HelloSign in Salesforce Essentials

HelloSign for Salesforce allows users to send key documents (such as quotes and contracts) for signature, curate templates and report on usage all from within Salesforce. All experiences are native to Salesforce, both in the Salesforce Lightning experience and in Salesforce Classic.

Benefits of Using HelloSign in Salesforce Essentials

HelloSign takes pride in simplifying the signing experience. Our Salesforce package adopts that philosophy for the Salesforce ecosystem. HelloSign for Salesforce allows Salesforce Essentials customers to send documents for signature from Accounts, Contacts, Opportunity and Lead records.

After sending for signature, Salesforce will capture when documents are sent, viewed, signed or declined. Capturing this data will provide Salesforce Essentials customers with the ability to leverage Salesforce’s reporting and dashboards and gain further insights on their processes.

As always, HelloSign emails and notifications sent to your customers can have your company branding and logo throughout every step of the value chain, putting your brand and logo front and center for your customers.

Administrators can also create and manage Hellosign Templates. Templates are a way for an administrator to create a model of a contract that can be used over and over again. Using HelloSign merge fields, Salesforce data from your Opportunity, Account, Contact and Lead records are fed right into the template when you’re sending your signature request. This mitigates the need to manually enter data, and lowers the risk for human error that naturally comes when typing data into your documents.

How to Get Started

Getting started on HelloSign for Salesforce is easier than ever.

First, go and sign up for  Salesforce Essentials. After signing up for your Salesforce Essentials edition, HelloSign for Salesforce can be found in the AppExchange by searching for “HelloSign.”

After installing the package, the administrator can purchase your HelloSign licenses from within the HelloSign for Salesforce app. After getting your HelloSign licenses, connect your Salesforce app to HelloSign from the HelloSign Settings tab, and you are ready to start sending signatures, create templates and automate your contracting processes.

At any time, the administrator can configure Salesforce reports based on anything they want, such as: aggregate templates sent, signature requests by status and “who is my top closer.”

Ready, Set, Simplify!

At HelloSign we cannot be more excited about our partnership with Salesforce, and serving our customers on Salesforce Essentials. For more information, or to schedule a demo do not hesitate to contact the HelloSign sales team.

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