VEHICULUM Digitizes Vehicle Leasing in Germany, Integrates 80% of Auto Dealers into Digital Leasing Process

VEHICULUM Digitizes Vehicle Leasing in Germany, Integrates 80% of Auto Dealers into Digital Leasing Process

In Germany, leasing is the primary way people and businesses obtain vehicles, but the process has long been analog and disconnected. VEHICULUM saw a gap in the market. Their vision was to make leasing as easy as getting a contract for a mobile phone. So in 2016 they created a web platform to connect dealers with business customers to make the entire leasing inventory visible across Germany.

Their platform initially required multiple steps that were both online and offline. For example, once a customer found the right vehicle they had to download the dealer’s PDF, manually enter information, and then scan, upload, and email or fax it to the dealer. Customers also had to engage in a separate loan approval process with their bank.

“Different banks have different forms, but they are nearly the same every time. We already collect most or all of the required information by the customer directly on our website during the process, so it just made sense to us to digitize this process and connect customers with dealers and banks using digital signatures.” - Florian Nitschmann, software engineer

VEHICULUM chose HelloSign’s API to power their digital transaction management (DTM) process. This gave them an easy-to-integrate digital signature solution that allows customers to exchange information online with dealers and banks simultaneously.

“We have a full set of pre-filled fields for each form, and we pre-fill all those fields for the customer with the information he or she previously entered in our order process. The only thing the customer needs to do is just sign at certain places in the document. That's it,” says Florian


Read the full case study here to learn how VEHICULUM gave 250 hours back to their sales team each month and integrated 80% of vehicle manufacturers to date, enabling customers to save an average of €4,000 per leasing contract.

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