18 Must-Read Resources for the Modern Sales Operations Leader

18 Must-Read Resources for the Modern Sales Operations Leader

Sales is always changing. Mostly, for the better. But one big question mark for many organizations is the role that technology will–should?–play in the sales process.

Even for operations leaders, the technical creep of the sales workflow can feel a bit daunting. There are so many tools, so many vendors, and so many moving pieces. CB Insights mapped out nearly 100 individual sales tech tools and platforms alone, and that likely represents just a fraction of the options that have risen to the top of a hugely crowded market.

From the CRM to sales enablement and intelligence platforms to reporting software, the options can be dizzying.

At the end of the workday (or fiscal year), what truly matters for your sales team? Which tech will actually move the needle?

To help you answer that question, we pulled together a guide to content that will help you answer the questions you have about sales technology and how to implement it within your ops strategy.

This collection of guides and resources is a hub for sales operations leaders looking for ideas, inspiration, and tactical information on improving their technology stack. From the business case to getting buy-in, you should find the right article to help you sort through the questions in your head and turn your sales ops into a finely-tuned machine with the perfect technology.

Priming the Pipeline: How Sales Ops Technology Helps Your Sales Team

First things first. Let’s focus on the team itself–your sales staff. They’re used to the way things work now. They’re likely to resist new tools and getting them onboard with another new piece of technology can be a heavy lift, even with wild claims about its efficacy.

The key is not to focus on the newest shiny object. It’s to cultivate a tech-driven culture within your sales organization. New tech isn’t a toy–it’s a tool. It helps people do their jobs better, it saves them from tedious tasks, and it moves the whole company forward. These articles speak to the importance of this culture and how to communicate value to the team.

1. The Best Sales People Hate Paperwork

It should be no secret. Sales people don’t get into sales for the monotonous paperwork or mind numbing contract work. They want to sell–and this article explores the role of technology in helping your team do their best work.

2. Digital Transformation of Sales, Explained

Let’s zoom out for a second and focus on the big picture. If your sales team is becoming more digitally enabled, what’s the end goal? How does transformation unfold and what can your team expect after coming out the other side?

3. Is Your Sales Organization Ready for the Digital Revolution?

While the promise of sales tech can be alluring, the truth is that teams need the right structure and mindset to capitalize. This piece from McKinsey and published by Salesforce digs into the underlying questions to ask before jumping into a technology project.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling (Ebook)

The goal of adding new technology isn’t to simply bloat the sales operation with new toys and more overhead. It’s to simplify the process--streamline work, cut back on time-wasting activities, and let the team focus on making sales. (Novel idea, huh?) This guide gets to the heart of that aim by laying out a framework for lean sales operations and strategy.

Planning and Implementing Sales Technology Projects

Technology projects take time, planning, and budget. These resources address the pre-planning and groundwork that goes into developing a roadmap for implementing new technology and dealing with the hurdles that are likely to crop up along the way. They also tackle some of the strategic and tactical implementation of the solutions you’ll be rolling out.

5. Sales Automation: Take Control of Your Sales With a Smarter Process

This guide looks specifically at implementing sales automation solutions and how it can help drive positive change.

6. How Data and Analytics are Revolutionizing the Way Financial Institutions Acquire, Cross Sell and Retain Customers

This article looks at the broader implications of sales technology. It enables better data collection and advanced analytics that paper-and-pencil teams lack access to.

7. The IT Director's Guide to Sales Technology

While aimed at technology teams, this guide serves as a useful primer on the types of sales technology that exist and how they plug into existing workflows and processes.

8. Transformation Projects: How to Go From Idea to Execution

Begin the journey by reading this guide on transformation projects. Taking an idea, turning it into a tactical plan, then bringing it to life can sometimes be a daunting process. Take a deep breath and look at the steps it will take to get there.

Eliminating Friction Where it Matters: The Close

Every sales operation leader knows the connection between the right tools and processes and better sales performance. These resources dive into the ways that technology can enable teams to achieve better outcomes--more sales, larger deals, and shorter sales cycles.

9. 6 Friction Points That Are Killing Your Business

It should come as no surprise that one of those prominent sticking points is, in fact, friction in the sales process. As this article points out, a slow-moving sales cycle or tricky logistical hurdles can leave deals in limbo--and revenue on the table.

10. 3 Quick Ways to Streamline Your Sales Cycle with HelloSign

Take a look at some of the other ways sales teams are implementing HelloSign as part of their technology stack to facilitate smoother sales cycles.

11. How to Send, Sign, and Store Sales Contracts Online with HelloSign

One of the most common implementations of sales technology is managing contracts online. This guide is a perfect starting point and introduction to the process and technology you need to implement and execute.

12. How Brokermint Increased Their Sales Conversion Rate 23% by Leveraging eSignatures

Is there a sales team in existence that wouldn’t bend over back-ward to improve their win rate by one-fourth? This article explains how Brokermint was able to implement esignatures in their sales tech stack and see a huge boost in signed contracts as a result.

13. ListingSpark Transforms Real Estate Sales, Enables 28% Faster Sales than Traditional Process

One thorn in the side of most sales teams is time to close. Discovery, discussion, negotiation, and formal agreements can balloon into long sales cycles and slow revenue growth. Using the right technology in the sales operation can streamline processes and accelerate deals.

Overcoming Roadblocks or Resistance to Sales Ops Projects

Every project has its checkpoints and its challenges. We’ve gathered a few resources that will help you prepare and navigate your Sales Ops projects with confidence and ease.

14. Embracing Digital in a Non-Digital Industry

Cutting-edge technology can feel like a foreign language if you work in an industry that’s been slow to embrace the latest innovations. This article deals with the shift in mindset and general approach you can take to help your entire organization become more comfortable with turning analog process into digital workflows.

15. A Guide to AQ: How to Strengthen Your Company's Ability to Manage Change

This guide tackles the people part of the process. Helping your team navigate change and adjust to new tools and systems can put you on a path for long-term success while mitigating risk of low adoption or rejection of the technology.

16. The Perfect Formula for Selling a New Idea to Your Boss

Getting buy-in from top-level leadership can be a major stumbling block to any technology product. This article lays out a framework for selling your vision up the chain and securing the support you need from executives to make sure that your plans meet your needs and accomplish your goals.

17. Why Employees Want Nothing to Do With Your Digital Transformation

Getting buy-in from your boss is one thing. Getting buy-in from the team is another challenge altogether. This article looks at the hang-ups that cause teams to rebel against new technology projects and how to set the stage for an effortless roll-out where everyone’s excited to participate.

18. How to Survive the Awkward Phases of a Digital Transformation

Even if your team isn’t undergoing a full-blown digital transformation, there can be some awkward stages that come up along the way. Setting expectations, managing communications, and navigating the rollout can all present their own challenges, which need to be part of the plan and execution.

Ready, Set, Strategize

We hope you enjoyed this collection of resources! Sales Ops ain't easy, and we're here to help you find your best solutions. One super low-hanging fruit, of course, is to integrate legally-binding eSignatures into your sales workflow.

Or if you're still in research mode download our Sales eBook: "Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Sales Team Set Up with eSignatures" below. It covers options for deployment (including CRM integrations), competitor analysis, and key features to look for when evaluating an eSignature vendor.

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