Free eBook: How to Achieve Employee & Contractor Onboarding at Scale

 How to Achieve Employee & Contractor Onboarding at Scale

Since the dawn of time…

Just kidding. HR doesn’t go back quite that far.

In fact, it’s believed that HR originated in 1901 at the National Cash Register Company. After a difficult strike, the company president called for a “personnel department” to be established to improve worker relations by dealing with grievances, safety, legislation that impacted the company, and other “employee issues.”

And with Henry Ford’s reported turnover of 380 percent (don’t feel so bad now, do ya?!) in 1913, it became pretty clear that such a department was absolutely necessary for many organizations.

But just like Ford’s early automobiles—a lot has changed over the last century.

Our latest eBook, HR Automation: How to Achieve Contractor & Employee Onboarding at Scale, explores how great digital HR strategies have become crucial to success when scaling, and the reasons why HR leaders should always be considered strategic partners in your company. You'll learn the ROI of investing in things like digital HR onboarding. Lastly, you'll see three solutions for scaling essential HR processes like employee and contractor onboarding.

Buckle up. You’re about to head into the brave new world of digital HR.

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