Free Resource: eSignatures for Marketplaces and On-Demand Platforms

eSignatures for Marketplaces and On-Demand Platforms

HelloSign was built to help every type of company get documents signed quickly and easily online. And though we fit any business model, our user-friendly signing experience and versatile eSignature API make us particularly helpful for on-demand platforms and marketplaces. 

We created a free resource to show you how your marketplace or on-demand service can use HelloSign eSignatures to eliminate administrative inefficiencies, streamline important business agreements, and save precious time and resources as a result.

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Looking to Scale Your Marketplace? This Resource is for You

On-demand platforms and marketplace models have thousands of touch points that require a legally-binding signature, whether it be for contractor onboarding documents, client or provider purchase contracts, or in-house agreements like tax paperwork. When your signers can’t easily complete these transactions online, scaling the number of transactions to meet growing market demand becomes nearly impossible. 

HelloSign’s eSignature API helps marketplaces and on-demand services provide an online signing process that’s fast, easy, and seamless in any application or workflow, resulting in frictionless business agreements and faster contract turnaround times. We’ve helped companies decrease their document turnaround time from 30 days to just a few minutes, increasing business productivity and shrinking time to revenue. 

Our free resource covers exactly how marketplaces and on-demand can use HelloSign eSignatures for all their business logistics. We think you’ll find it interesting, especially since some of our marketplace and on-demand service customers include Instacart, Lyft, and  

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Scale your business operations

Create seamless online signing flows for your marketplace using HelloSign.

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