AdvicePay Speeds User Contract Management by 50% with HelloSign

AdvicePay Speeds User Contract Management by 50% with HelloSign

AdvicePay is a cloud platform that provides billing and payment solutions designed to be used in fee-for-service financial planning by individual planners, small firms, and large scale enterprises.

In the early version of their application, AdvicePay users could only send invoices to clients and collect payment, which meant that both parties had to use other software for document signatures. Before ultimately switching to HelloSign, they initially decided to integrate DocuSign into their platform:

“We selected DocuSign for eSignatures in July 2018 to facilitate invoice and contract integration, but spent three months trying to get it launched. We wanted a single, authenticated eSignature account to be able to control security and keep the user experience within our application."

Three months later, Joe’s team chose to integrate HelloSign, and, within two weeks they had tested, built, and launched the HelloSign API.

Read the full case study to learn how HelloSign enabled AdvicePay to achieve 100% synchronization of invoices and contracts, which helped their clients to boost their bottom line by 30% and facilitated enterprise market expansion with clients like TD Ameritrade.

“With HelloSign I immediately felt there was an understanding of what I was saying and what our goals were. During testing, when we engaged HelloSign Support with questions, we got feedback within an hour and it was always aligned with what we were trying to do,” says Joe.

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