5 Ways to Automate Paperwork With HelloSign

5 Ways to Automate Paperwork With HelloSign

HelloSign helps companies get their business-critical workflows completed quickly and reliably. The value of that shows itself in all shapes and forms. If you can imagine a paperwork flow, you can be sure HelloSign can make it easier! 

To get your brain turning on all ways you can automate online document flows at your company, we’ve listed a few ideas below (including examples). Be sure to read through each section. You might find yourself surprised by the areas that can benefit from eSignatures!

Automate HR Paperwork

Did you know that HR teams process between 10 and 60 + documents onboarding documents per employee and the average annual cost of administering HR services is

HelloSign eases those burdens big time! HR teams can use HelloSign in a number of ways to eliminate time-consuming HR paperwork. That means they can focus on more important things, like keeping your company running smoothly from the bottom up and top down. 

HR teams use HelloSign templates to streamline their document formatting, keep employees on track with automatic email reminders, and share documents effortlessly with the appropriate stakeholders.

Here are a few examples of HR documents that can be handled with HelloSign:

  • Candidate NDAs
  • Employee NDAs
  • W-9 forms
  • W-2 forms
  • Employee handbooks
  • Signed Employment Agreements
  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Employee Verification Form
  • Employee Status Change Form
  • Injury Report Form
  • PTO Form
  • Background check authorization forms

Automate Financial Forms

One of our customers, StackExchange, experienced a dramatic reduction in person hours when they integrated HelloSign. They automated their annual shareholder and stock option holder agreements and eliminated a lot of time-consuming process as a result. 

Before HelloSign, it was extremely difficult to collect information, much less organize the information. They shared, “People would use different methods of signature (scanning, signing, and dropping off), so there was a lot of paperwork to organize before you could even check to see who was missing.” 

Once they built HelloSign into their systems they were able to automate the entire process. It was a huge relief for them.

They aren’t alone in their struggle with the inefficiencies of financial forms. Many companies struggle with the same thing. 

HelloSign allows you to disperse financial documents instantaneously, gather accurately formatted information quickly, consolidate completed forms effectively, and more. 

Of course stock options aren’t the only financial form workflows that can be improved with HelloSign. Here are some areas to look at automating:

Automate Tax Documents

Tax forms touch many departments in a company. Whether you employ thousands of independent contractors (

The positive results of this don’t go unnoticed. Instacart was literally able to scale their operations due to this very benefit of getting contractor tax paperwork signed online. 

Plus, we can agree that everyone appreciates an easier paperwork experience – especially when it comes to taxes! Some items to consider automating include:

  • 1040 forms
  • 1099 forms
  • W-9s
  • W-4s

Automate Sales Contracts

Introducing online signing into your sales process will speed up deals and give you a major advantage over competitors. You or a sales team can easily prepare a contract using a

The perfect documents to automate for your sales team include:

  • General sales agreements
  • Vendor NDAs
  • Demo NDAs
  • Industry specific sales paperwork (like real estate contracts)
  • General service agreements
  • Terms of service agreements

Automate Privacy Agreements

Online signing for sensitive documents is the ideal option for companies who are reliant on security and safety. 

HelloSign provides a secure signing process. And you, your teams, or your signers benefit from the added security court permissible audit trails that give proof of the journey of a document, pass codes for documents, and more. 

Some privacy documents to consider automating:

  • NDAs
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-compete agreements

Ready to Get Started? Here Are Three Ways to Automate Any of the Above

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HelloSign isn’t an industry or team dependent tool. Anyone can benefit from the ease and security of online signing. Whether you’re looking to
(great) or a combination of the above (super great!), we’re here for you!


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