4 Ways HelloWorks Reduces Friction & Accelerates Revenue

4 Ways HelloWorks Reduces Friction & Accelerates Revenue

HelloWorks may be the latest member of the HelloSign family, but it’s certainly not the least.

First, there was HelloFax that eliminated the need for fax machines. Next was HelloSign which empowered organizations to move at the speed of digital business with powerful, customizable eSignature capabilities. And now HelloWorks continues our mission to power the future of intelligent business by digitizing even the most complex workflows.

HelloWorks removes friction from a variety of business situations and accelerates revenue by solving the scourge of modern industry—the “paperwork problem” where the original point of the paperwork is completely lost in the effort of managing the paperwork itself. (PS It's also free to build and launch up to 100 workflows in HelloWorks. Try it out here!)

Ready to Solve Your Paperwork Problem?

Almost every industry relies on one or more workflows to complete their work and generate revenue. At first glance, having workers spend a little extra time managing repetitive, inefficient paperwork workflows doesn’t seem like a huge deal. But when those business-critical workflows are wrought with friction, it turns out workers are spending way more time dealing with processes than they are doing the actual revenue-producing work.

Friction isn’t just a force of nature; it’s also a force of business. And it’s one that will work in direct opposition to the acceleration of revenue if you don’t get it in check.

HelloWorks empowers businesses to develop smart, digital workflows that remove friction so the path to accelerating revenue is a clear and fast one. It does so by taking even the largest or most disorganized collection of forms, PDFs, and other digital documents and transforming them into an intelligent flow, mobile-first workflow.

Hundreds of pages can be distilled into a short series of smart data fields. Human error and repetitive data entry are eliminated in real time with conditional logic and data validation. Our proprietary data mapping feature makes sure all the info you’re collecting feeds right into your databases, third-party apps, or even back to the original documentation so it’s ready to use—no extraction or redundant data entry required!

Any service with an accessible API (payment collection, weather data, location search, background checks...the list is nearly endless!) can be plugged into HelloWorks. Add tasks for end users to upload their latest paycheck stub, attach work samples, or whatever it is you need to complete your entire workflow in one go. No more wasting your or your client’s time going back and forth over missing info.Plus, HelloWorks users can always feel safe sharing their sensitive data because our security is bank-level and backed by AWS recovery.

With a mobile-friendly design, neither you nor your customers have to strain your eyes or your patience no matter what device or operating system you’re using. What used to be an Olympic feat of pinching and scrolling through complex paperwork on a mobile device becomes as simple as taking a few minutes to complete a guided digital questionnaire.

HelloWorks works for endless industries and teams and workflows.

Here are just four examples of where HelloWorks fits in perfectly:

HelloWorks Reduces Friction & Increases Revenue in Endless Ways – Here Are Just a Few

HelloWorks Helps with HR & Contractor Onboarding

HR departments have a lot to do—not the least of which is onboarding.

Aside from ensuring new hires are receiving the appropriate technical and cultural training; there’s also the task of making sure what amounts to mundane and repetitive paperwork is completed, corrected, entered into the proper databases, and stored away securely somewhere.

With a list like that, HR hardly has enough time to grab a quick lunch at their desk; much less monitor new employees who slip through the cracks of the onboarding process.

Maybe that’s why turnover is as much as three times higher in new hires who are onboarded manually versus those who are onboarded with an automated HR workflow.

HelloWorks isn’t angling to completely remove the power of process from HR professionals who love nothing more than a bit of organization. Instead, it enables them to automate redundant, low-skill tasks by dumping all their assorted forms, PDFs, and various bits of paperwork into intelligent software that spits out a secure, simplified digital workflow.

No more waiting around for jammed printers, filling out redundant fields, hunting for the Wite-Out, figuring out the copier machine, and manually re-entering new hire information into your database. Now, HR pros simply implement HelloWorks to condensed onboarding paperwork into what amounts to a 10-minute digital questionnaire for new hires.

Employees simply enter the relevant information as they’re guided through the experience. Any information they entered into a field will auto-fill in matching fields, so there’s no redundancies like there are with traditional forms. Simultaneously, this data flows directly to the database HR has indicated so they can access and share it as needed without circulating hard-to-use and non-secure PDFs. As soon as your new employee completes this sensitive part of their onboarding workflow, all their important data is locked down with HelloWorks’ bank-level, AWS-backed security.

What’s more is it does all this from on any mobile device and every operating system so all that wasted time and cost associated with remediation and redundant data entry can be put to better use elsewhere in your HR department.

Just ask on-demand grocery delivery service Instacart.

After implementing HelloWork’s mobile-first workflow to remove friction and scale their contractor onboarding they watched the speed of contractor application completion accelerate by nearly 300 percent.

In addition, HelloWorks gave their internal staff back more than 50 hours every single week that had been wasted on addressing errors in onboarding documents.

HelloWorks removes friction from both sides of the onboarding equation so HR teams can get back to developing and implementing revenue-producing strategies and new hires can also get to productivity way faster.

HelloWorks Streamlines High-Volume Documents

With HelloWorks, the entire process of managing, leasing, and even selling real estate is streamlined.

We empower real estate professionals to turn lengthy lease and mortgage documents into sleek workflows right from their phones or tablets. There’s no need to interrupt the sales process to navigate through a bunch of repetitive paperwork or run back to your desktop to prepare a bunch of docs and attachments.

For example, here what it might look like for a property manager when using HelloWorks to set up a lease agreement workflow:

No confusing backend mumbo jumbo here. Real estate professionals get the same awesome experience their renters and buyers do.

Easy-to-navigate data entry sifts out repetitive questions. Information is automatically mapped to the corresponding field in the original lease document so you don’t have to spend an entire evening re-entering all those dates, addresses, and numbers that always seem to get more and more mixed up as the night drags on. And of course HelloWorks includes all the benefits of our proprietary HelloSign eSignature capabilities so digital signatures are handled in a single, cohesive workflow.

Once the property manager or owner has completed their end of the bargain, sending paperwork to tenants or soon-to-be owners just takes a few taps. They’ll receive an email with a link to their nearly-completed agreement where all they’ve gotta do to seal the deal is follow the workflow to fill in any outstanding information, upload their latest bank statement, and complete whatever other tasks you’ve assigned.

Once they use HelloSign to add their John Hancock, completed copies of the documents are sent to both parties.

HelloWorks can’t remove all the stress from real estate transactions, but it can get rid of a lot of friction so our awesome clients get to revenue easier and their awesome clients get into the homes of their dreams in a snap.

HelloSign Streamlines High-Complexity Documents

Sometimes it can feel like the smaller the business, the larger the pile of paperwork a proprietor has to work through in order to get things off the ground.  

One of the earliest, and perhaps most monumental, hurdles small business owners must face without the help of (expensive) employees and (even more expensive) financial council is obtaining a small biz loan.

HelloWorks’ intelligent, secure workflow helps both lenders and borrowers move through the loan process without wasting a bunch of time or sanity.

Really, the whole process is as simple as the lender collecting all the paperwork and outlining the workflow required to complete the lending process. From there, HelloWorks uses proprietary technology to transform documents, PDFs, forms, and more into a cohesive workflow.

In this HelloWorks demo workflow, you’ll notice how easy it is for the borrower to provide the right information to complete the “Borrower Information Form” and “Statement of Personal History.” Our technology can even be white labeled to inspire maximum professionalism and trust in the borrower.

The lender can add conditional logic to fields so that the workflow guides the borrower through the process with even less friction. For example, asking “Are you the sole owner of this business?” will cause following questions to adapt based upon the answer.

Our smart fields can also detect when a user accidentally enters text in a number field or skips a digit in their social security number and make sure they get it right before moving on.

Borrowers enjoy a fast and easy workflow. Lenders get real-time data mapped to the software and databases they already use. That means no wasted time on repetitive data entry that’s prone to human error.

HelloWorks reduces friction so lenders close more deals and borrowers get on their feet and start making revenue more quickly.

HelloWorks Transforms Traditionally Paper-Heavy Industries

For an example of the paperwork problem, one doesn’t need to look far.

Take for instance all the forms you’re often asked to complete the first time you sit down in a new doctor’s waiting room: The new patient form, the proof of insurance form, and the medical history form.

It’s on you to fill out a bunch of the same information several times over and circle “No” dozens of times as you read over fields that have absolutely nothing to do with your unique situation.

Once you’ve finally put your most delicate health and personal data down on paper, you hand it over to the staff for them to basically re-enter all that same information in their office system. And you wonder why you get stuck so long in the aptly-named waiting room for an appointment you scheduled ahead of time.

HelloWorks wants to replace paperwork with digital workflows to reduce friction not just in healthcare but in every traditionally paper-heavy industry.

Let’s look at what your experience could be like if your doctor’s office implemented HelloWorks.

You pull up a link on your smartphone. You enter repetitive information just once and sensitive data is automatically encrypted. You get an alert in real time if you accidentally left a number off your social or started typing your name in the phone number section. Pertinent fields appear and irrelevant ones disappear as you answer questions about the reason for your visit and your medical history.

In minutes, you’ve provided all the information the office needs. Without any additional time or effort from the staff, your data was instantly imported into their office system and completed documents are securely stored yet easy accessible.

We might not be able to cure the illnesses patients visit the doctor for, but we can help medical professionals cure healthcare and other paperwork-reliant industries of the friction that pushes professionals into admin roles which squelch their productivity and ability to generate revenue.

We’re Going Paperless To Make YOU More Successful

You could say we’ve got big dreams with HelloWorks.

We want to power the future of business with intelligent tech. We think we can solve the paperwork problem. We know we can make a whole lot if industries a whole lot more awesome.

And really, we don’t think it’ll be all that difficult. What it will take is businesses undergoing digital transformation to realize that it’s high time to convert their antiquated, superfluous form-based processes to digital workflows.

Good thing that’s exactly what HelloWorks is dedicated to providing. Whether your industry is real estate, software, healthcare, finance, or even food service—you’ve got a workflow that has friction. And HelloWorks has a solution to reduce that friction so your customers are happy and your path to increased revenue is smooth sailing.

Not sure we’re the right solution to boost revenue for your super-niche business? Learn even more about all our features here.

HelloWorks Gets Documents Returned at Lightning Speed

Agreements and forms are completed up to 3x Faster and with up to 10x more accuracy than traditional eSignature.

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