3 Essential APIs for Digital Business Growth

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Software is in the throes of a great unbundling. That is, vendors are breaking down (or unbundling) their products and offering into most valuable parts.

This is nothing new in the digital age though. Apple’s iTunes unbundled CDs into individual songs. And Google unbundled newspapers by indexing the whole web and giving readers access to articles, without classifieds, (traditional) ads, or job boards.

And APIs are leading this unbundling in software. Using APIs, businesses are incorporating the most valuable parts of a piece of software into their platforms and websites with a single, fast integration.

For businesses wanting to move at a digital pace, unbundling is great news. They can find the APIs they need and absorb them to extend their capabilities and open up new customer channels. In fact, 83% of business leaders consider this a critical part of their business strategy.

But, even for the fast followers, a few well-placed API integrations can take your business from laggard to trail-blazer in a matter of days or weeks.

Here are 3 API integrations that are setting businesses on a new growth trajectory.

Boost marketing’s impact with API automation

There’s no faster way to grow your business than through great marketing. But there’s more to it than that. To steal a phrase from marketer Dev Chandan, “discoverability equals sales in the digital world.”

In other words, you have to operate at a scale that customers will notice. But doing that isn’t always easy—especially when you’re working with a limited team or budget. That’s where marketing automation APIs can help.

API automation for better targeting

Sophisticated marketing APIs can automatically add customers to email lists; segment customer databases based on the products they buy, location, or any other criteria; and even make smart recommendations about what products they might be interested in next.

Automate social proof

Showing prospects how other customers feel about your products or services is a great way to build trust and convert more customers—through Facebook likes, Instagram comments, or product reviews. But reading through reviews, picking the right ones, and then publishing them on the right webpage can be a full-time job.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have developer APIs you can customize and embed into your site. Or if you want to take it to another level, social proof API providers like Provesrc even aggregate social media information and display real-time stats like “638 people bought these shoes” directly on product pages.

Deliver a cohesive support experience with support APIs

A large part of growing a business is about keeping customers coming back for more. And that demands great customer support that communicates fast and helps customers overcome their problems.

There’s a range of API-connected tools that are helping teams deliver an even better customer support experience. Some of the best APIs for customer support include tools such as Intercom or Zendesk which give customers simple measures to report and resolve issues.

Behind the scenes, these tools also guide customer service teams with valuable data insights, like highlighting common problems, or where issues keep occurring, and how problems have been resolved in the past. When teams have these insights at their disposal, they can address the root cause of a problem and be proactive about finding a solution — or even act before it becomes a problem in the first place.  

Help sales focus on selling with eSignature APIs

Signing is a hidden friction in the sales cycle. It holds up deals and results in near-endless follow-up emails. But eSignature APIs are changing all that.

Embedding eSignature APIs directly into your workflows makes signing a fast and intuitive step in your existing workflows, rather than a third-party tool—or worse a paper document.

And when customers can sign at speed, you can sell at speed—free your sales team to close more deals instead of chase unsigned documents.

What’s more, advanced eSignatures custom brand the experience, meaning your brand stays front and center throughout the signing process.

But eSignatures do more than streamline signing workflows, they also take busy admin off your team’s plate.

eSignature features like templating and mail merge are admin evaporators. Your teams only need to upload a document once, then with a simple mail merge, eSignature tools will automatically personalize fields like name, address, and job title instantly for tens, hundreds, or thousands of documents. And through an API, all of these contracts can be sent with the click of a button.

That way, your teams can focus on more complex tasks like hiring and selling that grow your business.

Discover the API that’s driving digital business growth

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for business leaders to map sustainable growth strategies using APIs. And one of the fastest to integrate is eSignature APIs.

Discover your path to API-driven revenue and business performance in our latest guide: 4 ways eSignature APIs are unlocking business growth.

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